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RAF Simon

Who can resist the thought of our Simon in uniform? Certainly not us! We know a good drill sergeant when we see one, so we're pleased to bring you RAF Simon! There's a war on, girls, and we must all do our part. But never fear - he's a lover, not a fighter!

Accessories include:

  • Kools
  • Camouflaged condoms
  • Satellite phone
  • Global Positioning System (aka The Karma Sutra)
  • Tent and Sleeping Bag for two
  • Canteen filled with Disaronno Amaretto

Also sold separately:

  • Dream Tank (just big enough for two)
  • Dream Jet (for you Mile High Clubbers)

Figure does not include weaponry as RAF Simon is quite well equipped all on his own.

LA Simon

Peruse Rodeo Drive with LA Simon! He'll treat you to decadent shopping sprees and 8 dollar lattes; all you have to do is ask!

Accessories include:

  • Cell Phone
  • Kools
  • Disaronno Amaretto
  • One box Trojan Condoms
  • Full complement of vitamins (asst. may vary) and a vial of botox
  • Figure comes dressed in a grey t-shirt and jeans. White and Black T-shirts also included.

The following accessories are sold separately. Please contact us in advance to check availability.

  • Beverly Hills Dream House, complete with complimentary Orbelina Doll.
  • Dream Pool (heated to just the right temperature). Comes with surrounding Orange Trees (for making your own marmalade).
  • Silver Mercedes SL500, completely kitted out. A MUST SEE!!

Order NOW and receive FREE your very own print of Simon's most hated painting, "Flowers, Wrapped In Bacon"

Beach Simon

Frolic in the sand with Beach Simon! Perfect for those wintry days when all you want to do is get away to a warm vacation spot with a fantastic lover to do your bidding!

Limited Edition Model - Regrow Simon's Chest Hair On Command!
While Supplies Last

Accessories Include:

  • Cell Phone

  • Kools

  • Sunscreen

  • Box of Trojan Condoms

  • Inflatable bimbo with REAL saline breast implants. Doubles as life raft in case of emergency!

  • Figure is dressed in blue swim trunks.

Jet Ski with Ryan Seacrest Doll sold separately!

Mechanic Simon

OH NO!! Your car has broken down again? Never fear, Mechanic Simon is here! Clad in his delectable gray t-shirt and jeans, he'll pick you up in his spacious (hint, hint) tow truck, then whisk you back to the garage where you can watch as he bends over to see what's wrong...

Accessories Include:

  • Kools
  • One Box Trojan Condoms
  • Cell Phone
  • Tow Truck (with heated leather seats - this IS still Simon, after all)

Tools NOT included because, let's face it, we're not THAT interested in getting the car fixed. Are we?

American Idol Simon - Deluxe Edition

The figure no fan should be without! Bring home your very own "Mr. Nasty"!

American Idol Simon comes complete with a pen with pre-chewed cap, one pack of BIG RED chewing gum, and one plastic Coca-Cola cup. Figure is dressed in black t-shirt and jeans, but included (at no extra charge) is an Armani suit and white dress shirt for that special evening event.

And, as a special bonus...HE TALKS! Just pull the string to hear him say your favorite lines in true Simon fashion! They're all here!


  • "AWFUL"


  • Paula Abdul Doll, includes stun gun and ridiculous hat!
  • Ryan Seacrest Doll, includes see-through shirt and matching panties!
  • Amnesia Doll, with handwritten note and red beaded bag!
  • Adam the Monkey Doll
  • Randy "RJ" Jackson Doll (love those initials, man)
  • Kelly Clarkson Doll, includes lotion and tissues!
  • American Idol Dream Stage and Karaoke Machine

UK Simon

Have you ever been to London? Pretend you're there with UK SIMON! (Must sign waiver that you will not remove doll from US soil; see FAQ Page)

Accessories Include:

  • Cell phone
  • Kools
  • Umbrella and Briefcase
  • Stun Gun, for those pesky intruders!
  • Complimentary Superman action figure for your windowsill!
  • Figure comes dressed in a black jumper and black trousers; additional grey jumper included!

Also Sold Separately:

  • Dream Kensington Townhouse (with enhanced security system)
  • Black Ferrari Spider


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