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This SHOULD be common sense but we'll do it anyway in case you, too, have been rendered unable to concentrate by the miracle that is Simon Cowell.

This website is in no way affiliated with anything or anyone except two very warped women who are desperately addicted to Simon Cowell. Don't ask us why because we'll launch into a forty minute spiel about our undying love and fascination, but the content of this site should give you some ideas.

We are not stalkers and have never met the man, so don't ask us about him. Everything written here has been taken from published information or our over-active imaginations. If you'd like to know where we got some of this stuff, you can ask. If you find you are hopelessly lost and don't understand any of it, then you are on the wrong page. This is for Simon worshippers only.

If you are a complete lunatic and do something like buy a ferrari because Simon has one and it's on our page, we're afraid you can't sue us. It's not like we have any money anyway.

We hope you find the site entertaining because that's the whole goal!