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Satan Simon v. St. Michael the Archangel - PS2 Game

The Prince of Darkness has arrived! Satan Simon and St. Michael face off in the quest for the souls of 5ive lost boys.  Sock it to him, Simon, but don't forget to dodge those pesky lightening bolts and Jehovah's Witnesses!

Game play overview: Satan Simon and St. Michael accumulate weapons as the levels advance. Obstacles remain for one level only until Armageddon.

To the victor go the spoils! If Satan Simon advances through all levels he has enough souls to form a boyband; watch Hell's Belles'  latest video as Satan Simon rakes in the cash!  But play smart; if St. Michael wins a level, not only does Satan Simon lose souls he's gained, but Player 2 can choose which member of the Village People Simon portrays in his swan song, "Macho Man".

Talk about HELL!!

Simon wear a tight black t-shirt and jeans through all levels.

Sold Separately:

Tips and Tricks for Satan Simon v. Michael The Archangel: The ultimate cheat book! Tips include how to earn fire pits in Level 1 AND, how to remove Satan Simon's t-shirt in Level 3!

Sweet Dreams Simon CD

Interested in pillow talk? So is Simon!! Just pop in this CD to hear our boy whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Includes body pillow for snuggling and life-sized poster of Simon in the buff.

Push pins for ceiling not included.